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Carrier System Installation

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How about comfort to the max? We always strive to provide maximum comfort for our customers. Our MGR system with Basepan CARRIER 38MGR outdoor unit and the option of up to five indoor units allows you to create a perfect indoor climate by ensuring optimal temperature and air exchange. We also guarantee quiet operation of the system, so you can enjoy comfort without unnecessary noise.

With the installation of a CARRIER system, you can enjoy the perfect temperature in your home at any time of the year:
  • ❄️ On hot summer days, the system will keep you cool and fresh by maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. You will be able to enjoy the coolness without worrying about the heat outside your window.
  • 🔥 During the rest of the year, the system will warm your home, creating coziness and comfort even on the coldest days.
  • 🏠 Installing the system also allows you to create different comfort zones in your home. You'll be able to adjust the temperature in each room individually to make each member of your family feel as comfortable as possible.
  • 🔧 You can also consider additional options such as air purifying filters, humidifiers, or even control systems with a mobile app.
With our experts at Fuse, you can be assured of quality installation and service. They can help you choose the best system size and combination to maximize comfort in your home. 📞 Call us and enjoy your comfort! 🏡😊🌡️