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Сassette Indoor Unit Installation

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a cassette indoor unit
Are you looking for the perfect climate system for your home? Do you want it not only to provide comfort, but also to become a real decoration of the interior?🏠✨ Then you should pay attention to our model — cassette indoor unit 40MBCQ from Carrier!

Here are some characteristics and advantages of this unit:
  • Fits perfectly into ceiling space 🏢
  • Provides quiet operation for you 🤫
  • Installs with single-zone and multi-zone ductless systems 🌬️
  • High efficiency and reliability 💪
  • Easy control and parameter setting via remote control or app 📱
  • Uniform air distribution thanks to four airflow directions 💨
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning thanks to the removable panel 🧹
  • Aesthetically pleasing design to complement your room🎨

When an installation is carried out by our experienced craftsmen, you can be assured of impeccable quality and professional service.
Choose quality, comfort and beauty with the Fuse team! 💯✨