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Carrier AC Maintenance

Installations & Repairs
The secret of successful long-lasting HVAC performance is regular maintenance. Our customers call our technicians regularly for service work!📞🔧

This time we serviced the Carrier system. Fuse experienced technicians diagnosed and checked the performance of each element. Then they measured freon pressure, inlet and outlet temperature differences, and performed the necessary work to keep the air conditioner running at full capacity.💪

But that's not all! We do not forget about air filters, which can become real "dust collectors". Our specialists clean and replace filters to remove accumulated dirt and dust. No one wants harmful particles and bacteria back in the air, right?🚫🦠

Standard air conditioner maintenance is recommended to be done once a year. For continuously running units, inspection, diagnosis, and cleaning are done much more frequently on a schedule. Now think about it, are you paying attention to your system often enough?🤔⏰

Don't forget about your health and comfort! Trust us with your HVAC system! Fuse technicians will make sure you enjoy fresh and safe air!🌬️