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Mitsubishi Mini-Split System Installation

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Do you own a small space? Do you want to enjoy comfort and save money at the same time? Then pay attention to Mitsubishi mini-split systems of JP series. They are designed not only for cooling in summer. Thanks to the built-in heat pump and various modes of operation, Mitsubishi mini-split system provides powerful comfort in one zone. It's ideal for rooms without ductwork, as well as medium-sized living spaces.

Single-zone heat pump system model MUZ-JP09WA-U1- MSZ-JP09WA-U1:
✨ Blue Fin anti-corrosion treatment 🛡️
🌀 Four fan speeds: Low, Medium, High, Ultra High ⚙️
🔥 INVERTOR driven heat pump ⚡️
❄️ Cooling Operating Range: 14°F - 115°F 🌡️
🔥 Heating operating range: -4°F to 75°F 🌡️
🎛️ Various control options available 📱 📱
🌬️ Washable air filter 🧹 🧹
🌿 Optional anti-allergen enzyme filter 🌱
Our licensed professionals at Fuse are flawless in the installation of such systems. Trust the team of pros at Fuse! 💪 🛠️