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Mitsubishi 42,000 BTU MultiZone Ductless Heat Pump instalation

Installations & Repairs
Did you know that it is possible to replace several singlezone heat pumps that take up a lot of space with one multizone heat pump? It is important to make sure that the total BTU count of all units paired with this unit are equal to or less than its rated output.

This time, we recommended a Mitsubishi MXZ Series heat pump with a 42,000 BTU rating for 2-5 zones to our customer. He can now enjoy efficient and cost-effective temperature control throughout his home.💨🌡️🏞️

In addition, by installing such a system, you will make your home more environmentally friendly.♻️🏠

Our experts dismantle, remove and dispose of all components of the old system. Then install the new system in accordance with the building regulations.

Remember to consult with a professional HVAC technician to determine the best system for your specific needs. Team Fuse is here for you! 🤝